Reflection Eternal

Listen. It’s a war going on inside that no man is safe from self hatred is the beast no man can outrun. It’s a deep dark battle and when it feels the worst you figure soon you’ll see some light but NA my nig its only the begging you a long way from winning cuz in your heart you still sinning. And you can change your appearance but the reflection will stay the same. That reflection sees deeper than the person outside the mirror it sees the person with whom you’re no longer familiar even after a hot shower and its wiped down you won’t see things any clearer. And I have more answers than questions, hell I have no answers just questions unanswered. I closed my eyes to get familiar with the dark but I quickly learned that death is the easy part and its also the easy way out. Fighting is who I am and of that I have no doubt less the physical domination of a brawler I’m way more cerebral in my efforts I mean I ain’t gon punch my face off just to get my point across. I’m a hurt person and the fact is I hurt a person, and hurt people, hurt people and I’ve broken more than hearts damn I’ve broken spirits and then fought those spirits screaming loud and nobody hears it. Bruises on my body and I’ve been touched by nobody. D’evils keep stalking me while I search for salvation but myself keeps hating and that shits amazing kush from my peers but I can’t keep blazing maybe a pill to slow me down cuz my mind keeps racing. The further i run the less I feel like this story has a happy ending like a full service nail salon but when this dream turned to a nightmare the lights came on…


This blog is about everything, especially bad decisions.